Precious Pets offers the following services:

Dog walks    
    Vacation Care
Kitty Express    
    Pet taxi service
    Potty Express






Dog Walking:

Precious Pets will visit your home & care for your dog for a minimum of 30 minutes. During this visit, your dog will receive lots of love, attention and plenty of exercise.


Vacation Care for dogs:
A healthy and stress free choice

Don't kennel your loved one! We offer a 30 minute visit in the early
morning, afternoon and evening. Knowing that your pet is comfortable in its own home & receiving attention is mentally healthy.

Benefits of Dog Walks:


Daily visits help maintain a housebreaking schedule. Proper house breaking requires a consistent schedule of bathroom breaks for your puppy. Crate trained puppies need to get out every 3 - 4 hours for proper training and socialization.

Adult Dogs: Adult dogs need regular exercise to ensure good physical and mental health. Loving owners who work long hours can depend on the Precious Pets walkers to walk their dogs during the week when their time is the most limited. Crated dogs are in particular need of a mid-day break. Over-crating and under exercising can result in a hyperactive, under-socialized dog.

Kitty Express:

Precious Pets will visit your home & care for your cat. Your cat will receive love & attention.  Clean litter with every visit and we will also feed and care for your cat according to your instructions.

Cats are most comfortable in their own environment.

  • Fresh food and water in their fancy bowls.
  • Scoop, Clean and/or Change litter during our visits
  • In every visit will be play-time & socialization sessions
  • Petting, Brushing, or any activities you cat enjoys


Pet Taxi Service:

Should your pet(s) require medical attention; Precious Pets will gladly provide transportation to and from your veterinarian's office.

Taxi Service Rates

Flat Rate: $25/hr calculated from the time of departure from and return to the Precious Pets Office.

Mileage: $.30/mile calculated from departure and return to the Precious Pets Office. (Mileage applies to out of county veterinarian's offices)


Potty Express:

Precious Pets will visit your home & care for your pet for a maximum of 15 minutes. Potty Express is designed for pets that need a break during the day. No dog walking included with this service. Rates may vary upon location. For new customers only.



Care for other Small Pets

Precious Pets is not just about dogs & cats: ferrets, birds, fish, & small pets too! During the visit, we will feed & care for all your pets.

Home Care Services -  Bring in the mail and packages received at your home. We will also adjust lights. water indoor & outdoor plants.



Precious Pets service is comparable to other similar services. Our standard visit are up to 30-minutes. We also offer a 15-minute visit for elderly dogs and toy breeds. Households with two or more dogs are given a custom quote.

Precious Pets rates may vary depending on the number of pets you have and what type of care you are looking for. We will be happy to explain our pricing in more detail. Please call for more information or email us.

Consultation Free
In Sparta area $16.00
Outside Sparta area requires an estimate $16.00 starting & up
Holidays are subject to an additional $10.00 per visit


Frequently Asked Questions

What area do you service?
We service the Township of Sparta and Surrounding Areas, Township of Andover, Township of Jefferson and Township of Lake Hopatcong.

Are you bonded, insured, and licensed?
Yes we are, upon request we can provide proof of bonding and insurance.

Do my dogs need to be licensed?
Yes, all municipalities require this, and we ask that this law be followed for the good of the community.

How much notice for cancellation do you need?
At least 24 hours.

Do I have to sign a contract?
Yes, we need a signed statement that you agree to let us into your home to care for your animals as well as that you are aware of and agree to our policies/procedures.

How am I billed and when is it due?
We bill up front per week, so we ask for the week's payment by the time of the first visit of the week.

Do you have references?
Yes, we can provide you with a list of satisfied clients.

Will my dog receive individualized attention?
Yes, we do not "group walk".

How long have you been in business?
Since late 2002

What if I need emergency pet care service?
We will try to accommodate you as best as possible, but cannot guarantee on very short notice that we can provide service.

Are there any extra costs on holidays?
Yes, An additional ($5.00) per visit.

Why a meet and greet?
We want to everyone to get acquainted and for the pet and owner to feel comfortable with us and our service.