Mission Statement
A Message from Maria
Why a Pet sitter?

Mission Statement

Precious Pets is a family oriented business, locally owned and operated, located in Sparta, New Jersey. Which offers busy everyday lives an opportunity to reduce stress & enjoy life.  Stress has become a part of everybody's life.  The stress of balancing family, work and personal responsibilities takes its toll on everyone today. We stress over the lack of time we have. Precious Pets offers servcies to reduce stress and quality care for all of your pet's needs.

Precious Pets offers its customers the opportunity to live a healthier and more balanced lifestyle.  Precious Pets specializes in delivering stress-free and convenient services to you and your pet in a friendly and professional manner.



A Message from Maria

I've always loved and been passionate about animals and this is what led me to innovative concept. Why not pet sitting! I wanted to share my knowledge and love for animals with others. Animals are amazing and the unconditional love they provide our lives is priceless.

Our services are reliable, professional and we also provide loving care in your pet's environment. We offer several different programs to fit your needs and busy lives. We do much more than provide your pet with food and water when you are away from home. I spend quality time with your pet and give them the exercise they need.

We also are very aware of your pet's health needs. We pay very close attention to your pet and we know how to tell if you pet needs veterinary attention. Making your furry friends time away from you enjoyable and worry free. Your pets will know their home is safe and their pet sitter will provide well deserved love and proper care. I feel that feeding and pampering your pets in their home will make them feel secure and safe while their owners are away. Pet sitters do much more than provide your pet with food and water. We will spend quality time with your pet, give them exercise.

Genuine pet care is a benefit you will not find when using boarding facilities.




  - Maria


Why a Pet sitter?


Precious Pets offers peace of mind pet sitting in the comfort and familiarity of your home. Providing a pet sitter for your precious pet prevents harmful situations. Example : Kennel cough, stress, shots. Many pets are exposed to illness when boarded or placed in a kennel.

It often takes your pet awhile to adjust when returning home from a kennel. Often pets will lose their appetite and emotionally get depressed. Many kennels offer limited services however, such services require an additional fee. For example: Dog walking and playtime.

Cats are very sensitive and are aware of situations and surroundings. Cats feel traumatized by being left in unfamiliar places and often react.

Pets feel comfortable in their own environment and familiar sights. Remember, your pets are loyal to you and they ask the same from you! Think of their needs too!

We provide plenty of TLC, food and any medications to your pet(s) when using our services. You can expect to come home to a balanced pet.

We offer exceptional services to your pets and it shows in our clients.


I call myself a pet sitter because I am qualified to do the job and I love what I do. My mission is to make your pets happy and ready for you when you come home. It has never been just a job more than it has been rewarding. I make sure there are stress free and their daily needs are met.

Reduce stress and enjoy life. Offer your pets a healthier and balanced lifestyle.








"We appreciate the attention that Maria gives our dog. We know he is in
good hands. Precious Pets makes my life easier and stress free! - Janet

"We never worry when we're on a trip, because we know that they are
getting the love and attention they need. Precious Pets keeps my pets happy and safe. - John

"They are always glad to see us, they are rested, happy and healthy. - Mary

"We hate being away from Sam but know when we are away he is being well taken care of from Precious Pets. Thank you." - Lori

"Maria is reliable and dependable. She has made herself available to visit
our pets at the last minute. I can always rely on her with on short notice. We are so lucky to have her and we appreciate all she has done. -Steve

"I have been trusting Maria from Precious Pets to care for my dogs for almost two years now. I am not one to travel often, but when I do it is crucial that I leave my dogs in the best care possible. I believe that Maria has a passion for animals and their care is her first priority. When I am away, I feel very much at ease knowing that Maria looks after my dogs as if they were her own. I highly recommend Precious Pets to anyone!" - Caryn